Pros of Buying Pre-Construction Condos:

  • 10 months ago
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Stationside Condos
  1. New Home: Pre-construction condos offer the advantage of owning a brand-new unit equipped with modern technology and advanced building systems, providing a comfortable and up-to-date living experience.
  2. Extended Deposit Structure: Buyers benefit from a more extended deposit payment schedule, spreading the down payment over several months, which can make it more manageable.
  3. Discounts and Incentives: Purchasers often receive discounts and incentives when they buy at the Platinum Stage or VIP Stage of a pre-construction project, potentially reducing the overall cost of the unit.
  4. Today’s Prices, Tomorrow’s Value: Pre-construction condos are typically priced based on the current market value. During the construction period, the condo unit may appreciate in value, allowing buyers to build home equity.
  5. Flexibility: Buyers usually have the option to choose from different unit packages, and some developers may even offer customization options for finishes or upgrades, though these customizations can come at an additional cost.
  6. Urban Location: Pre-construction condos are often located in densely populated urban areas with ample amenities and opportunities, providing residents with a premium location in the heart of the city.

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